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Super D Birthday Party

May 25, 2012

Hi!  It’s Kimberly, here to share a SUPER fun party I threw for my son’s 3rd birthday party.  As I started to think about Daniel’s birthday back in December (yes I plan that early) the theme came to me right away.   Superheroes!!!  Daniel has a love for everything super hero; clothing, cartoons, movies, toys, etc.  The hardest decision for me was deciding which superhero we would feature at the party.  Halloween was all about Spiderman but his recent love for the Green Lantern and Batman is what kept me up at night as I flip flopped back and forth between which hero to feature.  After searching the web for some guidance on which hero to feature I stumbled across this AMAZING “Vintage Pop Art Superhero“ party created by Anders Ruff.  It was then I had my “Aaaa Haa” moment…why not let Daniel be the new generation superhero who pays respect to those who came before him.  Lucky for me Anders Ruff had a party printable collection that I could work with.  The collection sparked so many ideas, most of them DIY.  With my handy scissors and double stick tape I begin creating “Super D”.

Special thank to my photographer 3rdEyePhotography for capturing the many details of the party.


Food Display

To make this backdrop, I purchased a piece of foam board from the office supply store and attached vintage comic book covers to the board using double stick tape.  The board was the perfect size for a backdrop and the kids really enjoyed identify all the superhero and bad guys.

Photo Booth

Another homemade project was the photo booth.  Again, I transformed a piece of foam board into a backdrop that all the kids were able to take their photos at.  Photo booth props included hand-held signs that said “Boom” and “Pow” as well as a cardboard bricks and balloons.  The pictures made the perfect Thank You cards!!

Children’s Table Setting

These cookies were incredible. Not only did they look like superheroes, but they tasted so so good!

I put together a favor table filled with superhero puzzles, kettle corn, #3 lollipops (which I handmade from jolly ranchers), superhero candy, and a coloring page with homemade superhero crayons!

Story Time

The bad party about having a birthday in April is the April showers.  Luckily the kids were able to enjoy the outside activities for about 2 hours before the rain came pouring down.  Once the rain started everyone came indoors for story time.  Notice the coloring wall in the background…it was 10ft and another big HIT for the party.  After story time was over all the kids took to coloring on the walls.  I had to apologize to all the parents in advance in the event any of their children went home and started coloring on their walls.

Pin the Superhero emblem on Daniel

Each child was given a superhero logo and they had to try and stick it on Daniel while blindfolded.  LOL…there were stickers everywhere.

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!  Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you all had a great time!

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  1. July 16, 2012 11:37 AM

    That was fun, skylur and my godson darnell really enjoyed it

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