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Spooky Forest Costume Party

October 31, 2012

BOO!  It’s Halloween time which means costumes and candy…YAH!!! I have never been big on celebrating Halloween and dressing up, but having a kid has changed my outlook on the holiday.  I once thought the holiday was all about how skimpy your costume was or how devilish you looked.  Since having a kid I realized it is more about the dressing up, the pretend, the candy, the fun, did I mention the CANDY!

Last year we hosted a massive kid friendly costume party (which I will finally blog about this week) with over 40 to 50 people.  Somewhere along the way I lost count and just started having fun.  However, this year Halloween came right in the middle of our wedding planning (see last post) so I was reluctant to spend money to have a party.  Then I saw a free Spooky Forest printable design by Anders Ruff in Better Homes and Garden.  The printable collection was super cute, and did I mention FREE.  So I decided I just had to throw a get together to use the collection.  I decided to make it small, just a handful of boys that my son enjoyed playing with.  Sprinkle one little princess in there and you have yourself the cutest “Spooky Forest Costume Party”!

Bats, spiders, spooky trees, owls… oh my!!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– DIY treat table bat backdrop
– DIY lollipop covers
– Pin the Bat on the Moon party game
– Pumpkin decorating
– DIY crayon boxes
– DIY bat box favors
– Party favor boxes




I wanted to host a part that was affordable and easy.  Because of hurricane Sandy and the constant rain I had to set up the party indoors.  It worked perfectly given that the walls in my house are orange and deep purple.  How Halloween appropriate?! The hardest part was coming up with activities for the kids to do indoors.


Almost all of the decorations were used in last year’s Halloween party or were DIY projects made by me. Below are details on some of my favorites:

Bat Treat Table Backdrop: This really set the tone for the whole event, and I LOVED IT.  It was a easy DIY project that was visually striking and super cheap! I purchased a 5 foot piece of foam board from Office Max and two yards of black/grey fabric from WalMart.  I then used a stapler to staple the fabric to the foam board.  I think it cost a total of about $25 for the fabric and board. I then cut black paper bats, in different sizes, from cardstock.  I stapled the bats to the backdrop and draped black Halloween webs on the side for even more spookiness.

– Spiders: Over sized spiders hung from the ceiling, walls, and coat hanger at the door.  The spider at the door was a spooky greeting for the kids.

– Lollipop Display: I printed the Anders Ruff forest-theme lollipop covers onto cardstock and cut them out.  I then punched a hole in the center of the lollipop covers and inserted a flat lollipop.  A small piece of double stick tape on the front and back of the lollipop (covered in plastic) held the lollipop cover in place.  I placed the lollipops in cute white boxes and displayed on the treat table.

– Drink Bottles: I embellished my vintage milk glass jars with with a label wrap that fit the color scheme.

– Treat Boxes: I took Kraft and black gable boxes and wrapped bakers twine around them, securing with hot glue.  I then added a spooky party hanging tag to each box that said “Thank Hoo for coming”…lol


I kept the food simple and kid friendly.  And, what is the most kid friendly food…Pizza.  Because I was craving tacos  I also made a yummy 7 layer dip shaped like a pumpkin to keep with the Halloween theme.

– Pizza
– Pumpkin Shaped 7 Layer Dip
– Cheese and Crackers
– Strawberry Pineapple Fruit Mix
– Vegan Pumpkin Cake with Vegan Cream Cheese


I kept the desserts very simple given that it was a Halloween party and the REAL dessert was the CANDY!

– Mummy Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
– Vanilla Cupcakes


I planned a number of activities to keep the kids entertained throughout the evening.

Halloween Twister: Twister is a classic party game that is as much fun for kids today as it was decades ago. The Halloween version of the game replaced the RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE dots with pumpkins, skulls, bats, and owls.  Fun and physical, it is a great way to get the party started.

– Halloween Pins: I purchased classic Halloween symbol pins (pumpkin and bats) from the Target dollar section.  Each wooden pin came with 3 markers for coloring.  The kids were able to color there pins then adhere to their costumes.

– Skull Masks and Crayons: I purchased wooden skull masks on a stick from Michaels for each of the kids to color.  I then made my own crayon boxes that the kids were able to take home. In the crayon boxes I included all fall, spooky, and rustic color crayons.  The kids were able to color their mask and pose for a spooky picture.

– Movie: Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Patch

Pin the Bat on the Moon: This is the Halloween-theme variation of a classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  This was a huge hit with the kids.  For this game I downloaded the Anders Ruff game board and had it printed at Office Max.  I then hand cut bats out of black cardstock for each of the kids.   One at a time, I blindfolded each participant, spin him/her around three times, and had them try to attach the bat to the moon.

Story Time: Inexpensive, easy, and a good way to get the kids to wind down.

– Pumpkin Decorating: Each of the kids got a medium size pumpkin and a pumpkin decorating kit.  The pumpkin decorating kits came with everything (paint, stickers, sticky legs and arms, hats, etc.) needed to transform the pumpkin into a mummy, vampire, witch, of skeleton.

– Tattoos: Another Target dollar section find.  Each child received a spooky Halloween tattoo.

– Cupcake Decorating: I baked vanilla cupcakes for each of the kids to decorate.  The kids were provided with frosting, candy, fondant creations and sprinkles to decorate with.  What messy FUN!

Everyone had a blast and the kids went home with a box full of tricks and treats.



It’s Been Awhile

October 29, 2012

Well it’s been a while since I blogged, and the main reason (if you haven’t heard yet) is that I’m getting married!!

However, I miss blogging and sharing with the world my thoughts, crafts, passions. It’s so therapeutic just to write how I feel and show my new projects. Just to know that others are interested in what I have to say and do is rewarding; clearly you care since you’re reading this 🙂

So in the next week I am going to try to catch up on some parties I have thrown this summer and some great crafts I completed.

In the meantime…

Summer Brunch

July 16, 2012

Anyone up BRUNCH!!   Brunch is my favorite meal.   I absolutely love having a yummy brunch with lots of mimosas!  So when I woke up one morning last week with a hair-brain idea that I was going to just “throw together” a little gathering for the ladies, brunch seemed like the perfect idea.   Since I threw this together so last minute, I kept the design for the brunch very simple.  Unlike other parties I have held I decided to keep the decorations really simple and let the food stand out the most.

Recently I have feel in love with the look of chevron stripes.   About a month ago I purchased some pink chevron stripe table runners and have been looking for the perfect time to use them.   Because the table runners were such a soft pink I keep everything very sweet, yet simple and not over the top.  The backdrop I created for the main display table was solid white with a light yellow, blush, dark pink, gray, oxford, and powder tassels hung from it.  For the table itself, I always start with my white dish ware (which I am a collector of).  My new white cake stand was the perfect centerpiece.   To spice up the table and add levels I wrapped card board boxes in pink paper.  LOVE the way it all came together!!

The menu consisted of mini blueberry muffins, cake pops, donuts, push pop cakes, vegan cupcakes, fruit infused jello, chocolate cover Oreos, chocolate covered strawberries, shot glass yogurt parfait, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, collards, orange zest salmon, baked chicken, smoothies, and my world FAMOUS pasta salad. I wanted to give the ladies an assortment of different foods in small portions so they could try everything and not feel guilty!  I also had a mimosa bar with fresh cut strawberries and peaches. We definitely didn’t run out of food or drinks!

As far as activities?  Sorry to disappoint…no games here!  Just a group of ladies chatting it up and enjoying each other’s company!!  It was such a great Saturday morning/afternoon.

And, of course, like most of my parties, I ran out of time to do everything I had in my head and there are things that I would go back and tweak or remember to take pictures of that got missed!  Egg on my face for those!  But big thanks to my fiancé and sister for stepping in at the last minute and helping bake and setup.  Next time I will give myself more than 1 week to plan.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

–        Smoothies in frappuccino bottles

–         Yogurt parfaits, I used tall shot glasses and layered vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, and granola.

–         Jello shots infused with fresh fruit

Mimosa Bar:
Mimosas make a brunch, if you ask me! Champagne, juices, and fresh berries!

Dining Table:
For the main table I pushed two 6ft tables together to make one large table that all the ladies could sit around.  Because all the ladies didn’t know each other I wanted to setup an experience where we would all be able to engage.  What’s better than a big square table where everyone can see each other?   Two chevron pattern table runners ran down the middle of each table.

One of my favorite details on the dining table where my mason jars with pewter daisy cut lids.  About a month ago I purchased these lids with no purpose, so I was excited to be able to use them for the first time at brunch.   The lids turned an ordinary mason jar into a fancy drink, with a perfect sized hole on top for a paper straw!

The Ladies:

I hope you all felt welcomed into this little peek of my brunch with the ladies. Cheers!

Super D Birthday Party

May 25, 2012

Hi!  It’s Kimberly, here to share a SUPER fun party I threw for my son’s 3rd birthday party.  As I started to think about Daniel’s birthday back in December (yes I plan that early) the theme came to me right away.   Superheroes!!!  Daniel has a love for everything super hero; clothing, cartoons, movies, toys, etc.  The hardest decision for me was deciding which superhero we would feature at the party.  Halloween was all about Spiderman but his recent love for the Green Lantern and Batman is what kept me up at night as I flip flopped back and forth between which hero to feature.  After searching the web for some guidance on which hero to feature I stumbled across this AMAZING “Vintage Pop Art Superhero“ party created by Anders Ruff.  It was then I had my “Aaaa Haa” moment…why not let Daniel be the new generation superhero who pays respect to those who came before him.  Lucky for me Anders Ruff had a party printable collection that I could work with.  The collection sparked so many ideas, most of them DIY.  With my handy scissors and double stick tape I begin creating “Super D”.

Special thank to my photographer 3rdEyePhotography for capturing the many details of the party.


Food Display

To make this backdrop, I purchased a piece of foam board from the office supply store and attached vintage comic book covers to the board using double stick tape.  The board was the perfect size for a backdrop and the kids really enjoyed identify all the superhero and bad guys.

Photo Booth

Another homemade project was the photo booth.  Again, I transformed a piece of foam board into a backdrop that all the kids were able to take their photos at.  Photo booth props included hand-held signs that said “Boom” and “Pow” as well as a cardboard bricks and balloons.  The pictures made the perfect Thank You cards!!

Children’s Table Setting

These cookies were incredible. Not only did they look like superheroes, but they tasted so so good!

I put together a favor table filled with superhero puzzles, kettle corn, #3 lollipops (which I handmade from jolly ranchers), superhero candy, and a coloring page with homemade superhero crayons!

Story Time

The bad party about having a birthday in April is the April showers.  Luckily the kids were able to enjoy the outside activities for about 2 hours before the rain came pouring down.  Once the rain started everyone came indoors for story time.  Notice the coloring wall in the background…it was 10ft and another big HIT for the party.  After story time was over all the kids took to coloring on the walls.  I had to apologize to all the parents in advance in the event any of their children went home and started coloring on their walls.

Pin the Superhero emblem on Daniel

Each child was given a superhero logo and they had to try and stick it on Daniel while blindfolded.  LOL…there were stickers everywhere.

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!  Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you all had a great time!

Hello world!

May 15, 2012

Hi All! Welcome to my HOME!  Here you will find all the nooks and crannies about my life, love and little details into what makes up my story.  My passion for paper, invitations, crafting, photography, decorating, kids activities, gift wrapping, holiday decor, etc is alive and well and I thought it would be fun to share my projects on a blog! So here it goes! I am so humbled by your visit and hope that you enjoy your stay here! Drop me a line or leave a comment.